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When you decide to start a business, there are many things to consider. One of the most important is deciding what entity to choose and what the tax effect will bring, but also figuring out how will you be able to report a true picture of the performance of your business. Whether we are walking you through the process of how you can do this on your own or having Avail Accounting and Tax prepare these reports, it is vital that you are current with the reports listed below:

  1. Accounts Receivables (summary, detailed, aging)

  2. Accounts Payable (summary/detailed/aging)

  3. Cash Flow

  4. Reconciliation of bank/credit card statements

  5. Trial Balance

  6. Customized Financial Statements and Financial Analysis Reports as per your requirements

Avail will work with you to customize the procedure that works best for you. Most choose a hybrid process where you can track your day to day information and we provide the monthly or quarterly reports using your data. This allow us to keep a close eye on your tax situation so there are no tax return surprises. It also allows us the ability to watch for trends that might be damaging before it is too late.

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