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Tax Filings

Paying your taxes and meeting the reporting requirements of federal, state and local taxing jurisdictions can be a real headache. Avail Accounting & Tax, Inc. eases the pain with our fully integrated payroll and tax service that handles all of your payroll tax calculations, payments and reporting obligations seamlessly. There are no additional fees; tax filing services are provided as a value-added benefit to our standard payroll service.


At Avail Accounting & Tax, Inc., we understand how important it is for small business owners to spend their time productively, working to grow their business. Our payroll and tax filing services can eliminate the stress and hassles that tax compliance brings and will help free up the time to do so by taking care of the tedious aspects of paying payroll taxes. With our automatic tax service, we can also help you manage your cash flow by assuming the responsibility and liability for the collecting and paying of your tax obligations each pay period. Each pay period a check is written to Avail for Social Security Taxes, Federal and State Withholdings, and Federal and State Unemployment Taxes and Avail Accounting & Tax, Inc. make those payments and will file all payroll tax returns on your behalf.

Don’t be fooled into thinking payroll management is merely writing checks each pay period. It’s more about accurate and timely calculation and payment of employee and employer taxes…and remember, the government expects you to know how much is due each pay period. Why waste time studying new tax laws and reporting requirements, when the experts at Avail can do it for you?

What Avail Accounting & Tax, Inc.'s tax filling services offers you:
  • Calculation of federal, state and local taxes

  • Payment of all employer and employee tax obligations

  • Timely and accurate filing of all payroll tax returns

  • Complete record of all tax filings

  • Protection from payroll penalties

  • Full compliance with all federal, state and local tax regulations and filing requirements.

  • Levels out cash flow by having taxes paid out each payroll (optional)

  • No additional fees

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