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Payroll Services

With Avail Accounting & Tax, Inc., payroll processing tasks become as simple as a single phone call, fax or email. When we process your payroll, we save you valuable time, allowing you to concentrate on running your business. Our services are affordable. Our expertise is unbeatable. You’ll find we’re extremely flexible, with a special commitment to courteous, personalized, but most of all customized service. No wonder our clients rate us so highly in customer satisfaction!

What sets Avail Accounting & Tax apart from other payroll service providers

Four words…extremely flexible payroll procedure. What works best with you might not be the best for someone else. We are not a computer that automatically generates your payroll as you fill out and update the data on your own. At Avail Accounting & Tax, you pick how you want your employees to be paid, whether we pay the taxes on your behalf or you do, direct deposit payroll checks or physical checks, etc. But best of all, if there was an error in reporting the earnings for anyone, we can generate the corrected check on the spot!

Finally, the highly qualified team of Avail tax professionals will ensure that all your tax payments are made accurately and on time, as payroll tax penalty fines are one of the highest rates that the IRS imposes.  We’ll file all your quarterly and annual payroll returns and reports – leaving you with nothing to worry about or payroll and tax regulations to keep up with. And we guarantee they’ll be filed accurately and on time … or WE pay the penalties and interest.

Human Resources

Many employee reform acts are crossing our paths every month it seems. Whether it is the Health Care Reform Act, Affordable Care Act, Employee Rights Reform Act, American Disability Act, or some other Act coming right around the corner, you can be assured that as a member of “The American Payroll Association”  our payroll team is up on the law and will inform you if there is something that concerns your business. One mistake with the Department of Labor Laws can cost a company dearly.

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