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IRS Audit Matters

Many taxpayers go into an audit totally unprepared and hope for the best. Some think that if they can impress the auditor that they are nice, law-abiding, decent human beings and not common criminals, the IRS auditor will mellow, be sympathetic, and politely let them off the hook. FORGET IT!


Tax auditors are nice, decent human beings too, but most importantly, they pay their taxes. And they don’t think too kindly of others who don’t.


If you are selected for an audit, you will probably need professional help. Taxation is very complicated and technical and you will likely benefit from having a professional on your side.

Recent legislation has empowered the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) the ability to more expeditiously settle outstanding tax liabilities, often for considerably less than amounts currently due.

Our tax related services include:
  1. Offers in Compromise

  2. IRS Audits

  3. Payroll Tax Problems

  4. Seizures, Wage Garnishments

  5. IRS Liens and Levies

  6. Un-filed Tax Returns

  7. Payment Plans with the IRS

  8. Reduction of IRS penalties

Don’t go into an audit without competent, professional representation. We Can Help!
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